A classic from Tokyo: Takao-san

Friday morning was sunny and warm. The temperature rose all the way up to 20C, which is quite unusual for mid-February in Tokyo. There was one drawback though, very windy and really strong gusts of wind.

Regardless I had to take advantage of this chance and decided to do the classic climb up to Takao. Due to the wind, I chose a route that has some rolling hills instead of the flat river paths that are very exposed to wind.I took off with arm warmers and gloves but only after a while realized it was a bit too much. Short bibs and short sleeves… it felt great! Like end of April in Finland.

The course is great. Nice rolling hills, flat sections and one main climb. I took it pretty hard on the hills and gave pretty much my everything I have on the main climb and relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine on the flats sections. I would recommend some version of Takao to anyone visiting Japan and wanting to do some cycling. There is also a very nice Ramen restaurant at the top.

The main climb of the day. Consistently in hurt mode.

During my journey AcrossJapan, I will keep the effort below threshold, except the very most steep sections of climbs. However, in order to improve and peak my fitness towards the journey these kind of harder efforts are beneficial. And fun. Right?

Here is a Relive complilation of the ride: GS Astuto – Onekan – Takao, the all important Strava file to prove it, and finally the RideWithGPS gpx file – Please go try it yourself!

If you do, please drop a message of how it was, would really appreciate it.




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