Kindness of people

I like riding my bike alone. It is my time. I just zone out and pedal. It is my way of relaxing.

Still, cycling is a very social thing. Ever since starting cycling in April 2014 (again) my whole social network has changed. I guess it’s natural like minded people gather together.

Within this network, I have endlessly witnessed kindness. Tokyo can be a cold and lonely place for foreigners, but cycling brings people together.


Just yesterday, I was given a chance to participate in a small cycling expo, where I met many people for the first time. I ended up leaving the place with brand new sunglasses with great lenses and a high visibility vest that will light me up like a candle on the road. Two pieces of kit hugely important. For free.


NRC Japan


Proviz Cycling Japan

As a Finn it is something very difficult to express gratitude. It is difficult to say thank you. This cycling thing… seems to gather awesome people. I have never been happier to have gotten so hooked on it. When I am cold, going through a wet dark tunnel and I have my vest on, I know I will be seen. I promise on every single occasion I will be grateful and remember the kindness of people.

Thank you.



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