Testing the legs – All systems go!

Before starting my journey, I wanted to see whether my legs (and especially knees) are up for the task.

Previously, I have had some knee pain when suddenly increasing cycling volume. A good example of this is the Golden Week in 2016, where I cycled around Izu peninsula and Mt. Fuji in 3 days, accumulating approximately 530 kilometers.


Tokyo to Kawazu , Kawazu – Minami Izu – Higashi Izu – Numazu – Fujinomiya , Fujinomiya – Around Fuji – Yamanakako – Doushi Do – Tokyo

I have learnt from past experience and this time know to keep the pace slower and not push it too hard.

Last week I accumulated a nice total volume of 371 kilometers and more than 16 hours on the saddle. This week was a whopping 485 kilometers with more than 18 hours. Volume wise it is still less than I will do during the journey, but intensity wise I was going quite hard quite often. So the overall strain on my body will most likely not be much more.


Here are some pictures from the past few weeks of adventures:

Local exploration

Not so local mountaintops

Testing the bike in various terrain

And breathtaking views!

This week I will let my body heal, do a few smaller rides with the added gear just prepare everything.

Cannot. Wait.



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