Final Assessment

The effort I will try to maintain on my ride will mostly be endurance (Z2) and Tempo (Z3). The hills and mountains will be tricky, but I will try to maintain a level of below FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

Of course I am going to just enjoy myself. If the legs feel good, I might just blast it, and if the legs are dead I will go slower. But since I enjoy looking at the numbers and data the bike provides, I decided to update my stats.

How do you do this? By suffering.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.51.26
HR was 179 at the end. The highest I have ever seen is around 182.

According to TrainerRoad I averaged 416 watts for the 8 min. Originally the FTP calculation is the average of 2 x 8 min efforts, times 0.9. IF I was able to maintain the same level of effort for another 8 min, that would make my FTP 374. There is a big IF though. My old number is 346, so I will just wing it and set it up as 360 before the trip. This way I can somewhat see how my fitness level, power and power to weight ratio change after a journey like this.


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