The Gear Roundup: The essential tools

It’s Japan. The land of convenience. I will never be far away from civilization, a convenience store will never be more than a few miles away, and some sort of city is always around the corner. Also, if I have a big mechanical issue, I can’t fix it myself anyway. This is why I will bring only the bare essentials tools with me.

The tools I have now are:

  • Disc brake block for transportation when I need to take the front wheel off
  • Tire lever
  • Extra tube (running tubeless now, so just in case)
  • Tire patch and a bit of inner tube
  • A small multi tool
  • 5 hex key for replacing the batteries in my power meter
  • Chain tool
  • A small multitool with knife, tweezer etc
  • Some extra Garmin rubber bands
  • Pair of rubber gloves for when things get dirty (or wet)
  • Zip locks

What else do I need? We will see.

Edit: I will bring a pump too. Just forgot to include in the picture. Brain fog.


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