Day -01

Woke up ancxious, excited, restless. Today is the day!

Started packing up the bike and realized due to the bike packing gear and TT bars it won’t fit into the rinko bag. Panic time. Ghetto time. 

Had to wait until 10am before I could go buy a bike cover from the 100yen shop and … well the end result wasn’t pretty.
Dragging the 17kg piece of kit in stairs and into 3 different trains wasn’t an easy task either. It was a great biceps workout for sure!

Because it was such a ghetto rinko setup, I was also concerned it might cause some issues at the ANA baggage checkin, but that went better than expected. The bike came through unharmed and I cycled 5km to the hostel.

Tomorrow will be 80-140km, depending how much I want to ride in the rain. No need for sunscreen in Okinawa this time. It is what it is. At least my bike packing gear is all waterproof, so it’s only me who will get wet.

But hey, I’m at Okinawa! Now time for some beers. It’s AcrossJapan2017 time!

Edit: a few shots from the night: 

Craft beer at Taste of Okinawa

And met with a bunch of truly friendly and welcoming locals in a izakaya-ish place.

Bonus moneys got from the plane

#moneyshot #mtfuji #imonaplane #mountain

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