Day 00 – Rainy Okinawa

I woke up definitely feeling the beers from last night. On top of that it was raining hard in the morning, which didn’t help raise my spirits.

However, I am on a mission, and I knew I had to ride at least 80km for the next destination. The original route was almost 140km but i didn’t want to ride extra loops in the rain.


After a while the rain stopped, and I was even able to see a glimpse of light through the veil of clouds. It didn’t take long to start drizzling again, but this time it was much weaker, and I was barely getting wet. So in the end it wasn’t too bad, but riding with wet cold feet isn’t really enjoyable. But even in the rain Okinawa is quite awesome!

I also made a realization I forgot my arm warmers and thermal base layer home, both items I will definitely need in the future. Need to do some shopping when I reach Kagoshima!



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