Day 01 – Wet Cold Misery in Kagoshima 

Long story short, I rode 140km, out of which I was wet for 130, cold for 100 and shivering for 80km 


It wasn’t raining when I reached the port at Kagoshima, so I thought the day would be just fine. However after a while it started to drizzle, which then turned into downpour. Was not able to enjoy it. I was only able to focus on the negative sides of the ride, but time goldens memories and I can recollect more positives. We passed many beautiful mountain roads, epic tea gardens and had magnificent ocean views near the coast.

Lunch was a local Champon, which was probably the best one I ever had.

After reaching the lodging, my hands didn’t function. Taking off my helmet was an impossible task. It’s a funny feeling when your fingers just won’t do what you tell them to.

After a hot shower, it was time to reward ourselves with an assortment of Japanese snacks… and drinks.


2 thoughts on “Day 01 – Wet Cold Misery in Kagoshima 

    1. Wow! Compared to that I must consider myself lucky! It was just one full day of misery but I don’t know if I have it in me to continue day after day in the rain.


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