Day 03 – Across Nagasaki

It was a pretty chilly in the morning. I knew because I felt tears coming out when I rode without sunglasses in the morning.

After a fast breakfast, it was all uphill. For about 2 hours.

It was all worth it though. I was above some clouds, there was snow, I saw sunlight on the other mountaintops, it was magical. And cold. My garmin said -1 at the top.

Coming back down it got warm quickly, and I thought the route would be flat, but it wasn’t. Basically the whole day was undulating hills. 

I suffered quite a lot, in a good way. Reaching my hostel in Nagasaki was less than 100km, but I burned more calories and used more power today than on the 140km ride the day before.

Due to the shorter distance, I had plenty of time to do sightseeing in Nagasaki, which was nice.

The river at the middle of the city

Tomorrow I have a century ahead, so it’s time to sleep early and depart early. 

Today’s route: #Stravatoproveit


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