Day 05: Sunshine, rain and sunshine again

Could not sleep well last night because a nice Japanese family checked into the hostel I was staying at 22:30 and kept talking until 1am. They also had a small child stay awake until midnight, and she wasn’t really able to control her volume.

However, Today was an easy flat course, so I took my time and departed at 8am. 

First 60km was cruising next to beaches and country roads. Heaven.

Then I got hit by some cold rain for 10km, which resulted in cold wet feet again. In order to stay warm I decided to lift up the pace and went TT mode for a while. 

The sun came back up and I started to feel warm again, back to heaven. Overall a great day on the bike!

Sun, rain, sunshine again. #AcrossJapan2017

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During the first 5 days, I rode approximate 670km but everything feels great!

I am currently staying at a friends place and tomorrow is a rest day.  Before the rest day however…

Just getting my recovery on. #AcrossJapan2017

A post shared by Tuomas Koskinen – Team Sense (@cycling_finn) on

For Sunday, it might become a long day, since Monday there is again rain in the forecast…



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