Day 06: Double Day

I saw the weather forecast, and it said rain. This gave me an idea: ride as much as possible before he rain starts. This means 2 rides in one day, and then another one the following day, followed by a half-rest day. Volume wise approximately 370km in 30 hours or so.

I started the day early and departed at 6:15. The plan was to catch the ferry from Beppu at 2PM and have enough leeway just in case. 

The weather was great. After the sun started to warm up, it was summer kit all way.

Them views. All day long. #AcrossJapan2017

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Beautiful quiet roads with good tarmac all day long. Legs also felts great after the rest day, so I think it was my best ride this far.

Across Japan 2017, Day06 Part 1 scenery

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It was also good to have the leeway in time, because a tunnel was under construction, making me go around through a mountain pass. I have nothing against beautiful mountain passes, but just a reminder not to make tight schedules. I made it just fine anyway.

The ferry arrived at 16:45, so I had a good hour of sunshine left. However the temperature dropped fast and it was time to layer up. I was mostly riding in the dark, so no footage of Ehime unfortunately. I could see silhouettes of mountains and also cycled next to the ocean, but could only hear the waves.

I also accidentally went on the highway for a while, which caused an interesting incident. A police car honked at me from the opposite lane, and I realized I shouldn’t be on the road. I exited the next ramp, but that was next to the police station. When passion the station, a policeman came running and stopped me. After explaining the situation, they still wanted me to come and and check my ID for whatever reason. An officer then proceeded to hand write everything on my ID to a very unofficial looking notepad. Must be the black lost of foreigners doing mistakes. After that they said “I’m free to go” and I proceeded in my journey.

Strava part 1

Strava part 2


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