Day07: Extremely tired astonishingly beautiful Shimanami Kaido

Waiting for the sunrise at the beginning.

I finished my ride at 10am, and at that point I had been awake for 28 hours and did approximately 340km. I was way out of it. I truly think I should have spent the while sunny day exploring Shimanami Kaido, but the fatigue took over. I stopped plenty, took pictures and went really slow,  it mentally I was not able to appreciate the awesomeness of the whole ride.

This is a ride better done with no rush and with a group. But the pictures tell the story better than I do.

Shimanami Kaido is amazing. Speechless. #AcrossJapan2017

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I will add some more contents to Instagram later! 

Worst thing was, when I arrived to town, my hotel check in was at 2pm, so I changed without showering, put on my sneakers and head to town. Plenty of temples and stairs at Onomichi. Stairs didn’t feel so inviting though…



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