Day 08: Experienced all the elements in one day

Drizzle, sunshine, headwind, drizzle again, rain, torrential rain with gusts of wind. In short that’s how my day went.

When I reached my ryokan I again couldn’t feel my fingers, was shivering and just miserable overall.

So due to the rain, I checked out from my hotel at the last minute and headed out at 10AM.

Cold wet morning. Do not want. #AcrossJapan2017

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I was not happy with my shoecovers, and fortunately they had plenty of bike shops around so I went and purachsed a new pair. (Feet still got wet many times, but that’s how it is)

The rain ended at around noon and the weather started to clear up. At best it was almost sunny, but the rain got switched to headwinds. Still, better than being wet cold and miserable. 

When there was 60km and the biggest mountai left to cover is started raining again, which then turned into torrential rain and huge gusts of wind.

I have experienced many different weather, but the rain was so sharp it literally hurt my face. I couldn’t see properly with sunglasses but had to keep them on. The gusts of wind basically made me lose all speed at times. This was at 500m of altitude, so it was also cold. Descending was the worst part. Cold. Wet. Miserable. 

After getting back to zero altitude I still had 17km to go, shivering and wet. Somehow I made it and before doing anything hit the hot bath.


After that all was good. Had a beer and big dinner. Happiness.



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