Day 10: Kyotango to Tsuruga: Cramming isn’t worth it

The whole day in the bike was kind of gray.

For the first time my legs were actually sore. Most likely thank to the up/down the day before.

I didn’t know Amanohashidate was in my route, but when I saw the sign I had to make a slight detour. A picture doesn’t make justice, as the real deal should be seen by your own eyes.

Amanohashidate. Not the best view I guess. #AcrossJapan2017

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 The first hours were slightly cold with headwinds, but I was still able to maintain pretty good pace. The worry was, I was wearing all my gear and still feeling chilly on the flat. Good thing I had some hills in the mix to warm me up.

At noon the weather improved, but my spirits were kept down by a nagging discomfort, which then became a stinging pain in my left hip. Noting serious that proper stretching cannot fix.

Also made a realization my waterproof bikepack isn’t waterproof anymore… due to my own incapability

That brings me to the next point, I made a promise to several people not to go overboard and listen to my body. Thus the next day is a rest day.

Beach! A bit chilly but anyway. #AcrossJapan2017

A post shared by Tuomas Koskinen – Team Sense (@cycling_finn) on

In the end, cramming wasn’t a good idea. 

Over 820 kilometers in 5 days. Time to heal.



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