The second rest day, reality check and change of plans

Woke up for a great Japanese style breakfast.

Life is smiling. Afterwards I head out to run some errands and buy necessities to clean and maintain the bike.

It’s cold, windy and there is plenty of snow on the mountains. Looking at the weather forecast, it shows snowfall up north.

I feel partly I’m betraying myself, the people who support me and the whole name of this page, but.

  • It is not a race
  • I am not getting paid to do this
  • I do not have the gear to ride in winter conditions
  • I am doing this for my own pleasure, and I know I would just be cold and miserable everyday.

Thus, I have decided to abandon the route and return to the North side of Japan.

I also realized riding on average a century a day is pretty hard on the body, so I have reduced the remaining volume to 120-140km per day.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but his is a decision solely to improve my own enjoyment.

Update: distance travelled now approximately 1,585 km


8 thoughts on “The second rest day, reality check and change of plans

  1. You do what’s best for your body. I’ll be cycling the San-in coast from about 25 April just hope the weather is better for me. Normally in Japan between February and May for trips. Will be fully loaded touring for me for about 45-50 days, a short trip this year. I’m also a little worried about late cold weather.


  2. i respect your decision, you are doing this challenge for the pleasure of it. If it isn’t a pleasure then what is the point. There is also a health and safety element as well. Here it is snowing as I write this and we are at sea level. You can complete the ride at another time, hopefully a warmer one. thanks for writing about your adventures, quite motivating. I hope your hip gets better soon.


      1. I seriously hope you do this again, from top to bottom. I thought you were perhaps a month early and I also thought your idea of going around Notio Hantou while admirable in wanting to take in some scenery, was a big potential waste of time. On a challenge like this I would suggest you save the sightseeing till the end portion of the journey. I really admire your adventuress spirit and please think of this as a rehearsal for the successful trip. Look forward to the 本番. Thanks for your impressions. How did your equipment hold up? Anything you wish you had or didn’T need?


      2. Thank you for the comments! I am just writing a post about the gear, equipment etc. I am glad I did not need my tools, because the equipment held up so good, but there wasn’t many things I could leave without.

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