Day 11 – Tsuruga to Nara 

Towards the warmer climate.

Woke up and did a good 25 minutes of yoga to relax the hip flexor. Had a very nice Japanese breakfast and off I went.

Thanks to the rest day I was flying. In the morning I still felt somewhat guilty of changing plans, but when I hit the first mountain, saw the snow and puddles of ice, I felt assured I did the right thing.

After this I'm happy I changed course. #AcrossJapan2017

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Before during and slightly after it was still cold, but after heading more south I could feel the climate change. I think it hit up to +14 at some point and it felt so much better than the day before.

Even after some mountains, my average speed was up to 30km/h before I hit some traffic. This was mostly due to almost no wind, which was a new experience for me during the trip.

I was riding alongside Lake Biwa, which is so huge it feels like being on the coast.

Torii in the sea. #AcrossJapan2017

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After getting lost a few times, I got to Nara at around 2pm, and went to the hotel I had reserved.

After being specifically told I can take my bike inside the room, and doing all the paperwork, another clerk comes and tells me I can’t store my bike in the room or inside the building. Wtf. So disappointed, since I have used the same chain before and had no problems (Shame on Toyoko-Inn) there are plenty of hotel chains in Japan and they just lost one customer.

After making sure there was no way to keep the bike inside, I cancelled my stay and proceeded to call other hotels. It is high season in Nara now, so I had to call about 6 places before I found a room. 

After a shower I went sightseeing the Nara temples a for a while, but soon became tires and head back. What is left now is to work on the hip flexor that started to ache again after 110km or so.

Sightseeing in Nara #AcrossJapan2017

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Tomorrow is short with plenty of climbing so I need my hips in order. Over and out.



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