Day 13: Around Mie prefecture to Yokkaichi

First of all, I am extremely grateful it did not rain and it was not cold. The weather was beautiful the whole day. 

The first 50 kilometers were stunning. Slowly but surely the mountains became hills, and the landscape became flatter.

After having my first break at 50km my direction turned and I realized it was slightly windy. After continuing for a while the wind picked up and I checked what is up the road…

Mad headwinds all day long.

At best it was just hard, and at worst just plain stupid and dangerous.

Free training! Yay! #headwind #AcrossJapan2017

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I was going between 19-23km/h while using more power than usually traveling at 33-35km/h.

I completely forgot about time, power, speed and kept riding the bumpy pedestrian roads in order not to get swirled under a truck.

After 30-40km of headwind my direction changed slightly. After that the wind felt like it was blowing from every direction at the same time. I was in a box of wind. On both sides I had just fields, fields, and nothing else. Nowhere to hide. The continuous pressure on the pedals made the hip ache a bit, but not too bad.

Fields, fields, nowhere to hide from the wind. #AcrossJapan2017

A post shared by Tuomas Koskinen – Team Sense (@cycling_finn) on

But in the end, I made to a Yokkaichi safe and WARM. 

Tomorrow will be around 155km and also windy but not stupid crazy like today. I will do my best!

Update: level of soreness in lower back, shoulders, neck and arms is on a different level today due to battling the handlebar all day. All good.


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