Midnight random thoughts

Woke up in the middle of the night with some random thoughts about the trip.

  • As fatigue builds up, quality of sleep has decreased. Probably why I am now writing this. Used to sleep like a baby in the beginning
  • On the same note on fatigue, even though the two rest days have helped a lot, I can feel my legs are getting heavy
  • Kilometers have become shorter (except in the rain or headwind): for example the distance of 30km used to be “still” but has now become “only”
  • Also about distance, the joy when garmin switches from full kilometers to single door numbers (less than 100km) and again for two digit numbers (less than 10km)
  • Weather is everything for my mindset
  • I’m living frugal but way over budget. The original plan utilized lodging more suitable for warmer weather.
  • No tan-lines in the arms due to always wearing long sleeves
  • I can eat endlessly, no problem!

I will now raise my legs up the wall and try to get back to sleep.


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