Day 15: Fukuroi to Fuji

Elements were on my side, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into the zone.

During the AM it was warm-ish, but there was a vail of cloud blocking the sun. This is the time I saw the most beautiful scenery of the day.

Morning views. Another day at the seaside! #AcrossJapan2017

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Legs felt good and pace was great. However after my first stop at around 50km it started to go downhill. I didn’t exactly feel weak, but just somehow something was missing. I tried to fix the situation with ice cream, which did seem to help, but only partly.

I again failed a few times regarding my route, where I ended at highways you cannot pass with a bicycle. After consulting Google I was able to move forward and knew the overall direction was right.

Overall it was supposed to be an easy 120km ride, but with an extra loop along the coastline and getting lost, I ended up riding more than 140km again.

Tomorrow will be 170-180km, but I have decided to make it the final day and ride all the way home. My body tells me it is time to rest.



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