Day 16: Fuji to Home

Well folks, that is it. In the end I cannot really call it “Across Japan” but for 20 days I was on the road, and more or less rode my bike on 16 of them.

This morning was beautiful, sunny and warm. As soon as I left my hotel, it was uphill for the next 20km or so.

The views were quite magnificent to say at least.

Steep switchback action #AcrossJapan2017

A post shared by Tuomas Koskinen – Team Sense (@cycling_finn) on

The last selfie with Mt.Fuji in the background #AcrossJapan2017

A post shared by Tuomas Koskinen – Team Sense (@cycling_finn) on

Due to the fact that I had somehow managed to corrupt the GPX file of the day (route), I had to solely rely on my iPhone. I knew one route, the dreaded route 246, but decided to take that instead of getting lost hundreds of times.

The weather was so great, even the R246 could not drop my spirits!

My hip was giving me some issues again, because I might have overdone it at the morning climb, but keeping a high spin and low pressure on the pedals seemed to help.

Foam rolling for the first time after 20 days is going to be fun!

The final kilometers felt fast, and the fact that the journey was coming to an end felt somewhat unreal.

Now at home, it feels even more unreal. I am dead tired and will update the blog tomorrow.


According to TrainingPeaks the total distance traveled was 2,392 kilometers, pretty good I think!


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