A few statistics of the journey

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I like statistics. Looking at the numbers all the gadgets I have generate makes the whole cycling experience just a bit more exciting for me. So here are some of the ones I kind of kept track of:


  • Total distance: 2,392km
    • Average distance of riding days (excluding in-town riding): 133.2km

Calories: The excuse to eat so much every day!

  • Total caloric expenditure from the cycling only: 64,940 kcal (From my PowerTap P1 Pedals)

POWER! – Now all this might be gibberish to you, but power is THE one thing I track the most closely. Before starting my journey, I made a FTP (Functional Threshold Power – Basically the power I should be able to maintain for an hour) test, which result was an estimation of 360.

360 is quite high, but so is my bodyweight. This result puts me into approximately 4 watts per kilogram. So then what is that? I guess thats “better than average”. High bodyweight and high power output means I am more inefficient as a cyclist, and thus burn more calories.

Googling “Pro w/kg” gives this result as the first hit:

“Starting with World Tour professionals, the likes of Alberto Contador and Chris Froome. They are understandably very secretive about their exact power outputs but a good estimate would be around 6-6.2 w/kg. A good climber on a domestic professional team might have a FTP of around 5.2-5.7w/kg. A good first cat might be around 4.5-4.8w/kg mark, A second cat might be excepted to be around 4w/kg and a third cat at around 3.5-3.8w/kg. On the women’s side of things, a world class climber such as Emma Pooley would likely be able to sustain around 5.2w/kg.”

So looking at that, 4 w/kg is not all that good. But I am not a pro anyway.

So back to the point….

  • The average normalized power of all rides was: 225
    • Highest was: 299 on day 12 – This just means I worked hard on the mountains.
    • Lowest was 184, which was the first day of rain in Kagoshima. A long cold day I want to forget.

TSS – Training Stress Score: A TSS of 100 means you basically go 1 hour at your FTP. A hour time trial effort.

  • Total TSS of the whole trip was 4,199
    • Average TSS of a ride was 232

Now, normally my training week will be between 400-600 TSS, and during the trip the TSS of the three blocks were:

  • 1st block: 1315
  • 2nd block: 1476
  • 3rd block: 1409

So anyway, approximately 3 times more training stress for my body than normally. Progress happens during rest, so lets hope a lot of progress comes out of this trip.

Weight? Many people told me I would lose a lot of weight, but I think they underestimated my appetite. If I did not drink any alcohol, I think I would have lost one more kilogram, but after coming back the scale only showed -2kg. I am sure the weigh will come down a bit more as the consumption of carbs and sugar comes down.

My average speed was between 23km/h to 32km/h depending on the day, so an average would be something like 26km/h I guess.

Comments? Want more? Please let me know! I have a lot of data that can be utilized.






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