After AcrossJapan the riding continues

After coming back from my journey, I had one full day off the bike and then did one hour of training on the trainer just to get the juices flowing, followed by another rest day.

Also did a bunch of foam rolling, stretching and just plain walking, and by Monday I felt as good as new!

I think the biggest issue was my appetite. After consuming a lot of food and burning a lot of calories for three weeks, just going from 100 to 0 was difficult. I felt constantly hungry for a few days, but I think that is because your body still keeps humming at a higher rate.

On Monday the next week, it was time for a new adventure! I was given the privilege to join a UCI Continental team training camp in Nagano. On 4 days I participated in most of the training sessions and it was a really eye opening experience.

Office for the week.

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We did for example a 20min and a 5min climbing power test, which hurt a lot. After the 20 minute test I felt like throwing up, and after the 5 minute one my lungs were on fire. I guess I did it right then?

Recovery ride selfie.

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You shall not pass!

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Furthermore the scenery in Nagano is absolutely stunning!

I will now shift my training and mentality more towards racing than adventures, but still hope to do many longer weekend rides and weekend journeys, so I can provide contents in the future as well.


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