Back to the Mountains! Iriyama and Wada Pass

After the training camp in Nagano, I spent a good 10 days in Indonesia sitting in trains, planes and mostly cars. I had no bike and very limited time (excuses) for running or any physical activity.

After coming back to Tokyo, the grey had become green, spring was here! This made my heart to seek some suffering at the mountains.

I head out towards my old friend Tamagawa and went along the river paths all the way to Musashi-Itsukaichi, a station from many epic rides begin.

After that it was not long until the road started to tilt up, and it was time for the first challenge, Iriyama pass (from north) I really like this climb, and the descend is very scenic, which makes it double worth the effort! I knew from the beginning of the climb my legs were not up to any PR efforts, so I just tried to keep a steady pace and not to blow up.

Start of the descend at Iriyama Toge. #roadslikethese

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After the descend, there was not much time before the next climb started. I have done Wada pass many times and dread it every time, but I had never done it from this side before. It was full of debris, making it very difficult to descend but going up (slowly) was no problem whatsoever. 都道521号線 The average grade was 9%, which made it very very challenging for me. Also, there was a RCC ride going on at the same time, so I just had to pass everyone, just because, you know…

After the second climb, I took a small break at the top of Wada pass, when I bumped into other cyclist friends and decided to join their ride. This meant going through the scenic Lake Tsukui and a staple, Onekan with some rolling hills before heading back home.


After getting back I felt quite destroyed, but so happy to tackle to local mountains!


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