Back to the Mountains! Iriyama and Wada Pass

After the training camp in Nagano, I spent a good 10 days in Indonesia sitting in trains, planes and mostly cars. I had no bike and very limited time (excuses) for running or any physical activity. After coming back to Tokyo, the grey had become green, spring was here! This made my heart to seek … Continue reading Back to the Mountains! Iriyama and Wada Pass


After AcrossJapan the riding continues

After coming back from my journey, I had one full day off the bike and then did one hour of training on the trainer just to get the juices flowing, followed by another rest day. Also did a bunch of foam rolling, stretching and just plain walking, and by Monday I felt as good as … Continue reading After AcrossJapan the riding continues

The whole setup explained

I will go into more detail of the whole setup I had, and in hindsight what I would have done differently. The Bike The bike is a 2016 VASARA from G.S Astuto. When I was in the market for a new bike, I only had a budget, and the fact I want disc breaks in … Continue reading The whole setup explained

A few statistics of the journey

I like statistics. Looking at the numbers all the gadgets I have generate makes the whole cycling experience just a bit more exciting for me. So here are some of the ones I kind of kept track of: Distance: Total distance: 2,392km Average distance of riding days (excluding in-town riding): 133.2km Calories: The excuse to … Continue reading A few statistics of the journey

Day 15: Fukuroi to Fuji

Elements were on my side, but for some reason I just couldn't get into the zone. During the AM it was warm-ish, but there was a vail of cloud blocking the sun. This is the time I saw the most beautiful scenery of the day. Legs felt good and pace was great. However after … Continue reading Day 15: Fukuroi to Fuji

Day14: Yokkaichi to Fukuroi: Blessing of the wind goddess

Sunny, warm and massive tailwinds. At times I was cruising at more than 40km/h for extended periods of time. And what's more, in full summer kit. Perfect. What's even better about a warm spring day is ice cream! The only thing that wasn't perfect was my route selection, but I can only blame myself … Continue reading Day14: Yokkaichi to Fukuroi: Blessing of the wind goddess

Midnight random thoughts

Woke up in the middle of the night with some random thoughts about the trip. As fatigue builds up, quality of sleep has decreased. Probably why I am now writing this. Used to sleep like a baby in the beginning On the same note on fatigue, even though the two rest days have helped a … Continue reading Midnight random thoughts

Day 13: Around Mie prefecture to Yokkaichi

First of all, I am extremely grateful it did not rain and it was not cold. The weather was beautiful the whole day.  The first 50 kilometers were stunning. Slowly but surely the mountains became hills, and the landscape became flatter. After having my first break at 50km my direction turned and I realized … Continue reading Day 13: Around Mie prefecture to Yokkaichi

Day 12: Nara to outskirts of Mie prefecture – if only it didn’t rain

When I checked the weather forecast yesterday, it showed rain from the afternoon. I still didn't want to set up my alarm and slept until 7 and departed at around 8AM.  Nara was sunny and warm. I felt good and it was going to be a good day! After getting lost a few time … Continue reading Day 12: Nara to outskirts of Mie prefecture – if only it didn’t rain