Day 03 – Across Nagasaki

It was a pretty chilly in the morning. I knew because I felt tears coming out when I rode without sunglasses in the morning. After a fast breakfast, it was all uphill. For about 2 hours. It was all worth it though. I was above some clouds, there was snow, I saw sunlight on … Continue reading Day 03 – Across Nagasaki

The Gear Roundup: Bike packing setup

There are only a handful of good bike packing gear manufacturers, and only about three high-quality ones come in to my mind. I think I got the best one. I might be biased as a North European, but I have seen the brand ever since I was little, and the fact that everything is 100% … Continue reading The Gear Roundup: Bike packing setup

Sponsored athlete by Science in Sport

I would like to give special thanks to Science in Sports for supporting my journey. I am proud to be their Supported Athlete. I have plenty of previous experience utilizing their products, so I know they work for me.ย Cycling day after day really takes a toll on your body, and only then can really appreciate … Continue reading Sponsored athlete by Science in Sport